Monday Night Residency - Healing Gems
The Echo Presents

Monday Night Residency - Healing Gems

Healing Gems
The Mumfees
Fake Jazz
DJ Palsa Party
EchoplexLos AngelesCA
Ages 21+
with Sonoda, Fake Jazz, The Mumfees, & DJ Palsa Party

Welcome to the world of Healing Gems, a space-age, exotic-psych, Latin-infused six-piece whose sound, although inspired and influenced by the past, is very much embedded in the here and now. Their delicate blend of Latin, jazz and tropicalia pivots around bossa nova beats and fanciful free-flowing melodies offering songs of sunshine and merriment.

A 6-piece mini-orchestra consisting of Edgar, Trish, Eduardo, Jared, Michael, and Xochi, Healing Gems are a psychedelic band, but not in the yoga posing, incense burning, sanctimonious kind of way. They’re a drink of LSD-tainted punch at a small town dance. A pot brownie picnic at a community park. Scratchy bargain basement records that still surge fire. The type of band one might listen to while traversing a hot desert landscape with rainbow-laden sun showers pouring down upon your skin. No drugs required.

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