Fatal Jamz

The Echo, Lollipop & 95.5 KLOS / Check One…Two Present…

Fatal Jamz

Franky Flowers, BOYO, Sugarcube

Fri August 4, 2017

8:30 pm

The Echo

Los Angeles, California

$8 Advance / $10 Day of Show

This event is 18 and over

Fatal Jamz
Fatal Jamz
arion Belle has long been L.A.'s most whispered about cult star, releasing a decade of highly influential underground anthems, iconic videos and touring with Weyes Blood and Sky Ferreira. With the release of Coverboy, an LP 3 years in the making, recorded in a "skid row penthouse," Belle & Fatal Jamz unleash a new kind of pop opus that explodes at once with thug swagger and palatial emo glamour.

"Coverboy is a glam-rock Romeo + Juliet"

"When Marion Belle sings, its thrilling."

"One of the LA music scene's best underground acts might finally be about to surface"
- i_d
Franky Flowers
Franky Flowers
"Franky Flowers is a group I have heard mentioned before but never actually listened to until I saw them perform. Their stage presence wasn't anything particularly unique before they started but they possessed the young, super cool air about them that a few groups have today, most of which were at this show. Things changed for me when they began playing, that's when I heard a smooth possessing sound you wouldn't expect from a group of underage musicians. Immediately my first impression was shattered as I stood there filming/taking photos but mostly just lost in their performance. At the end of the first song I turned to my friend Kelly and said "damn, I'm into it" and she nodded with a smile. The rest of the set was song after song that impressed me more and more. The lead singer had a strong stage presence reminding me of an early Kurt Cobain with his hair in his eyes and intense relationship with his songs and guitar. This group reminded me that you can't always classify people by their age, something that I was often a victim of when I was a little younger. These were no longer "a group of underage musicians" that I originally labeled them as, they were a group of talented artists that have become a new source of musical satisfaction for me. YOU MUST GO LISTEN!"
-Low Fidelity

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