Cheap Tissue

The Echo Presents

Cheap Tissue

Neo Globs, Golden Grease

Fri May 25, 2018

8:30 pm

The Echo

Los Angeles, California

$8 Advance / $10 Day of Show

This event is 18 and over

Cheap Tissue
Cheap Tissue
Brandishing snarling, fuzzy guitars and three "singers" up front, Cheap Tissue's musicianship consists of quintessential garage melodies, classic punk progressions, and fuzzy, dueling guitar work beneath their snarling vocals often sung simultaneously during their fast paced, non-stop live set. Cheap Tissue draws from sounds reminiscent of the late 70s punk scene, an inspiration that guides their gritty—yet sophisticated—sound and audience. Cheap Tissue’s coarse, hell bent racket can be loosely traced back to an unhinged fervor of rock 'n' roll's nostalgic roots bringing raucous late night sounds to audiences across Los Angeles.
Neo Globs
Neo Globs
Who or what are the Neo Globs? Are they even really a band or an extended "family" of failed top secret genetic experiments that can't go a week without running afoul of the law? Both? Neither?

There have been reports of affiliations with legitimate musical acts such as The Abigails, Dante Vs Zombies, Cosmonauts, Jail Weddings and Starlite Desperation, but all such affiliations have been sharply denied.

And one could just as easily not even care, were their rare, show-crashing appearances and strange, dingy recordings not irritatingly catchy glimpses into the paranoid world view of malformed, shape-shifting hatch-lings that strut about in some forgotten little toxic proto-post-punk nest in the rural outskirts of Los Angeles.

To explosive laser blasts and creepy bass lines we are warned of "cables in the ground that control our brains". To a plodding riff too dumb for The Stooges we are advised to eat ourselves. Repeatedly, the listener, once allowing the moonscape Plugz-esque galloping beats to permeate his defenses, realizes too late that he will now be trapped in buses and cars with the quasi-human dregs of society and forced to endure a single celled organism's ideas of: 1) What computer hacking might be 2) What The Strangler's might sound like 3) Why their foot is bleeding and/or numb 4) Why identity theft is okay 5) What's in the trunk.

Though you may eventually break free of the Black Randy/Salamander bastard somehow pixelating between you and the emergency exit, the encounter and it's soundtrack will leave you permanently warped.
Golden Grease
Members of Zig Zags, The Intelligence, Lamps.

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