Geneva Jacuzzi

The Echo & DoLA Present

Geneva Jacuzzi

CMON, Toucan, Drab Majesty (DJ Set)

Sun September 2, 2018

8:30 pm

The Echo

Los Angeles, California

$10 Advance / $12 Day of Show

This event is all ages

Geneva Jacuzzi
Geneva Jacuzzi
Geneva Jacuzzi (born Geneva Garvin) is an LA-based songwriter, musician and visual artist who is known for her unique style of synth driven bedroom pop recordings, theatrical stage personas and retro style video art. Having been raised a Jehovah Witness and home schooled by belly dancers and artist relatives, Garvin from her earliest days on the beaches of 80's Southern California found many sources that would later inform her natural inclinations for Music, Theatre and Art.
Her lyrics describe blood being thrown onto fire, clown-like machines in search of sadness and the raging monologues of future/past elemental beings. Her videos and live performances portray the story of a once abundant Self being shattered into a variety of other personas such as Dracula, Mime, Zygote, Rozbo, etc. all being played by Jacuzzi, and all cannibalizing-commodifying their rape revenge upon the idea of an original Self which is now lost if not mythical, somewhere in the Islands of the Jacuzzi.
Initially, Jacuzzi formed a number of mysterious and fleeting bands (Hot Pajamas, Sex Carpet, etc.). Then, from 2004-2007, she fronted the band The Bubonic Plague, an influential cult favorite in LA's Echo Park district.
By 2010, she debuted her first album, "Lamaze" on Vinyl International, a collection of songs taken from previous unofficial releases. All of the Jacuzzi/Bubonic Plague recordings were written, played and produced by Geneva herself using an 8-track cassette tape recorder. Her archive of music consists of over 400 songs, most of which have never been released.
In 2011, Jacuzzi, teaming up with long time muse and playwright, Casey Obelisk, began her latest project titled "Dark Ages" which pulls together most of her past and present work into an epic art video odyssey. Functioning as a play, Part I was presented in the form of a music video montage and Vice Magazine editorial takeover which introduced the concept of the broken Creation Myth Feedback Loop (the CMFL) - the current episode being the primordial origin of Julie Zygote, a sort of edenic sacrificial alter-ego of Jacuzzi.
Her latest installation at the LOT gallery in Louisville, titled "Dracula's Diorama, Through the Doorwall Part VI, Act I " portrayed a later scene in the series in which Julie Zygote and her boyfriend Dracula, while living in the depths of a fish tank, have their first meeting with the Devil cat Raminagrobis and are inducted/blackmailed into the quest for this apparently missing Self. The installation featuring an actual fishtank and video was sold through the gallery, as well as many other handmade collage pieces sold at either galleries or venues all over the world.
At the present, more episodes of the "Dark Ages" series along with shows and new music are currently in the works. Her hope is to run over many a body with the car service of her Self, with no accidents, and to not know where she's going. (not to mention hanging out in the laundromat and learning how Blood Phallus Brand Fishfood, together with Swan Face Aerosol Laundry Softener, can turn any normal laundry into a sea worthy vessel)
Confusing Mix Of Nations
Toucan is the eastern-themed
dream pop band fronted by singer
and performance artist Courtney Conrad Garvin. Courtney began pursing her musical aspirations at age seven playing the flute.

In the early 2000's she performed in
Hot Pajamas and Bubonic Plague with
her sister Geneva Jacuzzi who has developed a global cult following.

From 2007 until now, Courtney has been focusing on her visual art & styling for bands Ariel Pink, Puro Instinct, Geneva Jacuzzi & more. She is known for her 'Glasswear' projects which you can find knocked off on the fashion runways.

Courtney's sound is playful and dreamy, she exudes vulnerability with high confidence. In a recent interview Courtney said "her approach to music is untrained and abstract. She likes to play on the black keys" Her recording set up consists of a vocal booth she made in her bedroom closet and an old school Tascam tape recorder.

Musically & visually Courtney will take you to the cosmos with her angelic voice & flute playing.

Catch Toucan next friday June 9th opening for Geneva Jacuzzi at HM157

Drab Majesty (DJ Set)
Drab Majesty (DJ Set)
Ariel Pink meets Fad Gadget meets Ziggy Stardust meets Genesis P-Orridge making lo-fi darkwave dreampop post-psychedelia occult-style shoegaze on cassettes (in his bedroom). This is DRAB MAJESTY. Behold, thee Majesty, and not drab at all.

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