Boy Azooga

The Echo Presents

Boy Azooga

Blushh, Laura Jean Anderson

Tue October 30, 2018

8:30 pm

The Echo

Los Angeles, California

$10 Advance / $13 Day of Show

This event is all ages

Boy Azooga
Boy Azooga
Welsh band piloted by Dave Newington who played every instrument on debut album Boy Azooga - (One) (Two) (Kung Fu!) (but for a little help on string from his dad Richard Newington who played in The BBC National Orchestra Of Wales) Band now consists as a four piece.

Davey Newington - Vocals, Guitar
Sam Barnes - Bass
Dylan Morgan - Keys
Dafydd Davies - Drums
Blushh is what you get after your bjillionthth quarter life crisis: when you realize you've been sitting in the corner your whole life watching the party happen from afar, never saying a word about how you felt, or standing up to grab the last cupcake. Blushh is what you really mean when you shrug it off and say "it's fine", when you roll your eyes and deal with it. Blushh is what you've been wanting to yell at the top of your lungs, but never had the guts to.

Blushh is the project of Shab Ferdowsi who writes fuzzy guitar pop songs about the plants in her bedroom and the like.
Made up of friends, Blushh is a four-piece band all living, playing, and eating $1 tacos in Los Angeles, CA.

Blushh is Shab. Shab is a self-proclaimed "hyper-creative" born and raised in Los Angeles. She got the music bug by blogging about bands in 2013, which turned into her booking local bands, which turned into booking tours for said bands, then touring with those bands, then eventually turned into her starting her own band.
Shab started writing songs in 2015, and decided to start the project thanks to her friends' encouragement the following year. She bought her first electric guitar in August 2016 and a couple months later she played her first full band show.
The live band is still a revolving lineup of friends, while the project has remained Shab’s (first) solo foray into songwriting.
It’s a little fuzzy around the edges, a little sad at first sight, but punchy melodies and bouncy hooks keep your heads bopping at the first show.

Blushh has recorded two 5 song EP’s at Hotel London, a studio in Silver Lake, Los Angeles run by Shab’s buds, Yianni Anastos-Prastacos and Arieh Berl.
It’s Fine was released in June 2016. The second, “Thx 4 asking” will be out late this spring.
Laura Jean Anderson
Laura Jean Anderson
Laura Jean Anderson, born in Olympia, Washington and now residing in Los-Angeles, is an artist with her feet rooted in old American music from soul to folk/americana to rock n roll, while embracing pushing the boundaries of modern music. Her weekly shows across Los Angeles have established her as a staple of the LA music scene, garnering support from KCRW, and having LA Weekly proclaim that her music as a “timeless sound… a mysterious conception that sounds as it’s from another era." Laura Jean is working on her debut album with producer Tyler Chester in Los Angeles.

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