Cold Showers,

The Echo Presents

Cold Showers

Foie Gras, Dancing Tongues

Tue November 20, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Echo

Los Angeles, California

$10.00 Advance / $12.00 Day of Show

This event is 18 and over

Cold Showers
Cold Showers
Cold Showers, a band formed in Highland Park, California in 2010, fuses the brash power of their shoegaze pedigree with the smokey compulsions of post-punk / no-wave ancestors. Cold Showers would fit in well amongst their idols on the Factory or early Rough Trade back catalog, but blend in perfectly amongst the unique foliage of the Dais Records roster. Cold Showers sophomore album out sees the band step up to the plate with more pop sensibility under their belt with the tracks of their new album “Matter of Choice”. This is the pervasive pop mode against which Cold Showers cast themselves, but haven’t fully relinquished themselves from their signature piston-precision rhythms and anthem laden synthesizer illuminations that came about within the band’s formation.

After the band released singles on Mexican Summer and Art Fag, Cold Showers signed with Dais Records. In the late summer of 2012, Dais had released the band band’s debut album, Love and Regret, to a storm of industry praise and critical acclaim. After a few successful tours with bands such as The Soft Moon & Veronica Falls, Cold Showers members decided to take some time off to start crafting new songs in a more pop-oriented direction. These songs started to take demonstrational form in a handful of singles and live cassette releases on Dais until the band decided to hunker down in the studio to formalize the songs found on their new album, Matter of Choice, available August 28th, 2015. is the sonic brainchild of Los Angeles based photographer and visual artist Jeff Fribourg. With a
background in graphic design, Fribourg imbues his work with a sense of architectural composition,
layering angular guitar riffs and analog synths over throbbing drums and driving bass.
Fribourg developed his love affair with synthesizers -- and his open-minded approach to music -- as a
founding member of LA psych-kraut favorites Froth. However, it was only with the creation of
that he was able to fully explore his eclectic musical inclinations. Combining elements of punk, shoegaze
and post-punk, the project never commits to a singular worldview, allowing Fribourg’s vision to go
anywhere without sounding ironic or forced.
With the release of Goodbye, the band’s first LP due in late May on felte, offers a genre-defying
sonic document that finds them maximizing the creative potential of the studio while always remaining
true to their dynamic and arresting live sound. Mixed and mastered by Mikey Young of Total Control, takes a carefully orchestrated approach to chaos and adds Fribourg’s own subtle knack for
memorable hooks and soft, melodic passages.
Foie Gras
Foie Gras
"Foie Gras is unabashedly loud and mystic, gentle and soft. Guitar driven, she lives at the intersections of secure drone and reimagined Americana, as if Brian Eno and Patsy Cline have committed themselves to an endless and passionate love affair. Wake up, this is where your daughters have wandered off to."
Dancing Tongues
Dancing Tongues
Dancing Tongues is a post-punk duo formed in late 2015 by Kevin Modry and Alex Lavayen. They self-released an EP titled, Positions in 2016; a small selection of the band’s early recordings. After performing in Los Angeles for a year, the pair set out to record their debut LP, Hypnotic Tales of Sex and Distress. They enlisted producer Jonny Bell (Crystal Antlers, Hanni El Khatib, The Buttertones, Tijuana Panthers) and recorded the album in Long Beach, CA.

Hypnotic Tales of Sex and Distress is Dancing Tongues’ first full-length record. It is a collection of personal tales about real love, real sex and real distress during a time when we have such a disruptive flow of information fighting to redefine what these three things mean. The record is a hypnotic journey with chapters marked by songs that feature tightly coiled, aggressive post-punk and others that seemingly unfold into lush and lurid western landscapes.

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