Spaceland Presents


No Knife

Sun July 14, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:59 pm)

The Regent Theater

Los Angeles, CA

$25.50 Advance / $32.00 Day of Show

This event is 18 and over

J. Robbins: voice, guitar
Bill Barbot: guitar, voice
Kim Coletta: bass guitar
Zach Barocas: drum kit
Jawbox was formed in Washington, DC in 1989 by J. Robbins, bassist Kim Coletta, and original
drummer Adam Wade. The group released their debut 7” in 1990 on their own DeSoto label.
Grippe, released on Dischord Records in 1991, was Jawbox’s first full-length outing. That year
saw second guitarist/singer Bill Barbot join the line-up in time to create a denser sound for
1992’s Novelty, also released on Dischord.
Zach Barocas assumed drumming duties in April ‘92, ushering in a new era for the group with
his contributions to the rhythm section and the band’s songwriting, as first exhibited on 1994’s
For Your Own Special Sweetheart.
Tours of all sizes and durations throughout Europe and the U.S. were part and parcel of
Jawbox’s routine back then. Equally explosive at Red Rocks or a Roman squat, they were in all
cases a galvanized, well-oiled band.
They released their last album, the self-titled Jawbox LP, in 1996, and after another year of
touring, broke up in 1997. Although Atlantic Records released the last two albums, Dischord has
since made all of the band’s full-lengths available.
The group reunited briefly in 2009 for an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The
performance was a one-off, and there was no subsequent talk of any other shows of any kind
for years.
In early 2017, however, Zach contacted his former bandmates to see what they thought about
playing some shows. The resulting conversations were at first casual, but eventually moved the
band to action, and by June they began rehearsing for the shows that now comprise An
Impartial Overview.
It’s been an exciting time, reacquainting not only with the music but also with each other.
However much the members of Jawbox have played elsewhere over the years, there is no
doubt that the chemistry and energy they bring to this band remains unique for each of them.
The sets will draw from most of their discography with an emphasis on the
Robbins/Coletta/Barbot/Barocas recordings, especially For Your Own Special Sweetheart and
Jawbox, which albums mark the peak of their creative and performative time together. Longtime
fans will be in familiar territory: Coletta’s irrepressible presence; Robbins’s heartfelt guitar and
vocal harmonic roar; Barbot’s razor-sharp vocal and guitar challenge and complement; and

Barocas’s exacting flail and crash continue to coalesce as they always have, as a single
functioning musical unit.
No Knife
No Knife
No Knife has been a band for 25 years. They have released 4 albums, 3 singles and made numerous compilation album appearances. They toured the U.S. extensively throughout the nineties into the early aughts, with several successful runs into Canada and Japan as well. The last decade has seen the band resurface for anniversary celebrations and Halloween parties in their hometown of San Diego. The music of No Knife is hook filled without giving in to the cliches of pop, the songs on their last proper release "Riot For Romance" (2003, Better Looking Records) are a perfect showcase for the band's stark, oft times disjointed arrangements, something for every mood. It's a true album, in the classic style, with ebbs and flows, and a sensibility to the running order. Sequencing is a lost art. But through its layers of guitars, distortion, and reverb, lies some truly memorable music. It's not often that groups live up to their promise. Most bands today barely bring us the foundations of rock, No Knife delivers architecture of sound.

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