Ashes To Amber / Hong Kong Boyfriend

Ashes To Amber

Hong Kong Boyfriend

The Love Song BarLos AngelesCA
Ages 21+


Ashes To Amber was created in 2018 when Kane Acosta released his debut EP Voodoo Blu. His leading single off of the EP titled “Iris” plays the world into satire, an overarching theme in most of his songwriting. His second project Jade shows that satire world unfold in real life. The satire was no longer a dream, it was reality. His fusion of relic music into contemporary styles conceives a new sound design playing off of Jazz, R&B, Electronic, and Alternative post wave rock.

Now sitting at the Outskirts of Infinity what is Ashes To Amber to demo next. Where to the future. Originating out of Orange County, he creates music that grasps your emotions and ties them with happiness for the moment being. ASHES portrays the regeneration of inspiration and dreams from nothing burnt away to AMBER a warm feeling of happiness. Stay tuned and stay groovy.


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