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Bon Entendeur

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Bon Entendeur is a decidedly singular project originating in collective passion and friendship. Mesdames, Messieurs, bonsoir, you’re tuned in to Bon Entendeur: Arnaud Bonet, Pierre Della Monica and Nicolas Boisseleau, three friends united by musical obsession and a love for French culture, enthralled by the idea of hybrid formats fueled by their shared passions. Aller-Retour is the culmination of these passions, of beautiful ideas bunched together on an album of its own kind, unique in its genre.

Even in their earliest days Bon Entendeur always had a keen ear. Sifting through online platforms in search of the best of their latest offerings, Arnaud and Pierre had an uncanny skill for digging up undiscovered gems and arranging them into playlists – an admittedly standard approach, until they began to add their own luminous touch: the voices of cultural icons. One day they posted a collection of songs featuring the voice of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The mix caught Nicolas’ ear, who was instantly seduced by the concept and met the then duo before hopping on board for the rest of the ride. They upheld this format for the following 5 years, 40 mixtapes and over 70 million plays, developing their own branded seal of the highest approval in the process.

Their unconventional approach of inserting mythical, elegant and vibrant voices over cleverly woven songs led the quotes and dialogs they would sample to soon become interviews of their own making, resulting in 60 minute voyages backed by the soundtrack of Lucchini’s voice on a funky back-drop, of Badinter to disco, or Brassens’ most mythical lines on an electro foundation and a Simone Veil speech over a hip-hop beat. Bon Entendeur are on a mission to elevate culture in their mother tongue with their own timeless sense of presence, aesthetics... and live performance. On the decks, they mix and blend musical homages of their own making to sold-out venues with infectious finesse and their very individual talent for seamlessly combining music, culture and Francophonie.

In a show of audacity on par with their tireless pursuit of new ideas, 2016 saw them release their own take on a French classic, Le temps est bon – this 70s throwback with modern day sounds was an instant hit that blew new wind into the sails of Isabelle Poupe, 50 years on from her original song. Arnaud, Pierre and Nicolas were ecstatic to see such enthusiasm for vintage sounds. Indeed do they adore blending old with new, converting nostalgia, re-arranging so as to better experience. Therein lies the richness of their album. In a back-and-forth motion, they have condensed their projects into a musical voyage through the decades, questioning the world around them through the eyes of those times’ celebrities.

Aller-Retour is a concentrate of Bon Entendeur’s DNA: revisited classics from the 60s and 70s alongside original productions and interviews, all elegantly arranged into a 14 track piece and as many bridges between music and words, between history and striking sounds of the present day. Patrick Poivre d’Arvor optimistically recounts France and her history over a string of contemporary, unreleased music as Bon Entendeur reinvent Nino Ferrer’s La Rua Madureira and Jeanette’s L’amour joue au violon with electronic flavor.

Arnaud, Nicolas and Pierre. Three friends. Three Frenchmen, proud of their heritage and delighted to spread it in their own way, as creators of sound in modernity in a back-and-forth motion between their own, inventive, multi-facet digital generation, and the immense heritage of its predecessors. Mesdames Messieurs, bonsoir, you’re tuned into Bon Entendeur, for the duration of this eternal Aller-Retour.

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