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Froth, KPT

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Duster, “your favorite Indie Band’s favorite Indie Band”, birthed a slowcore, spacerock legacy in 90’s San Jose, CA, pulling listeners into the swell of their fuzzed out ether and then dissolving in it completely. Like their early Up Records label mates Built to Spill and Modest Mouse, Duster have created a cult-like following through their open and touchable sound but unlike the others they have managed to stay relatively under the radar for indie music fans until now.

Clay Parton, Jason Albertini, and Canaan Dove Amber make “Experimental depressed music” that feels at once immensely personal and universally atmospheric. Devotees new and old have scrambled to find and share their music for years but in 2019, Numero Group brought them back into the collective conscious with Capsule Losing Contact, a re-issue box-set that included 1998’s Stratosphere, their 1999 EP 1975, and 2000’s Contemporary Movement along with previously unreleased tracks. The boxset sold out almost overnight, as did a string of live shows no one anticipated after years of silence. Contemporary indie artists like Snail Mail and Sandy Alex G have cited Duster as an influence and asked the band to play with them at their respective shows. The bands resurgence is a testament to how timeless their music remains.

After feverish anticipation Duster is releasing a new, self-titled LP - their first in 20 years, on Muddguts Records December 13th 2019. Their melodic prowess and talented song-craft are on display as always as the album ebbs, flows, and drips through 12 new tracks of “tranq-rock.” The record feels suspended out of time, fitting in flawlessly with their early discography, and remains true to their original lo-fi formula, all recorded live in Parton’s garage. But it does present the band’s evolution over time and anchors them as a vanguard for a new era of music as well as stalwarts of a beloved nostalgia.



Froth is a band formed in 2012 in Los Angeles, CA, by four friends who had never played in bands before. They released two albums in 2014 and 2015 before signing to Wichita Recordings in 2017 and releasing Outside (briefly).

Across the ten songs, the band dialed back the noise and psych-pop found on their previous LPs to reveal delicately beautiful melodies, intricately arranged instrumentals, and some of their most experimental song writing to date. This evolution revealed new dynamics of Froth’s sound, resulting in a moodier and more atmospheric bend to their shoegazing melodicism and pop sensibilities, mixing the driving, tuneful drone of first single “Contact” alongside the epic squall of the intertwining guitars on “Passing Thing” and the more spare, meditative landscape of “Show A Flower A Candle And It Grows.”

Following the release the band toured extensively in the US and Europe, including dates supporting RIDE and Interpol. The band is set to release their fourth studio album Duress on Wichita Recordings in spring 2019.


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