Soft Rock Sunday
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Soft Rock Sunday

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Ages 21+
Spaceland Presents

Soft Rock Sunday

Soft Rock Sunday is the ultimate gathering of grooves to soothe. DJ Mara Schwartz (a former L.A. Weekly contributor from back in the day, currently a music publishing maven) knows her stuff, so don’t expect an ironic hipster deal. OK, the bearded, man-bun contingent will probably dig it, but with this gal at the helm, expect a more accessible yet thoughtful mix on the decks, a bonafide all-vinyl bonanza of cool retro sounds: hook-filled yacht rock, melodic soul jams, and mid-tempo pop hits your mom used to love, that (with enough time passed) it’s finally cool to admit you like, too. You get the jist: Hall & Oates, Bread, Kenny Loggins, The Doobie Brothers, Christopher Cross, et al. So feather those tresses, order up a Bartles & Jaymes wine cooler, and get ready for an afternoon (into early eve) delight." - Lina Lecaro, LA Weekly

"This just-launched themed night with music-biz lifer Mara Schwartz is a severe throwback -- like, to a time before you remember, when ultra-mellow acts like Bread were mainstream. With '70s soft rock with an open dance floor, get ready to awkwardly slow dance and get romantical. Or just have a couple drinks and watch other people do that." -- Thrillist

Have you never been mellow? DJ Mara Schwartz Kuge spins three hours of the '70s' and early '80s' finest soft rock for your weekend happy hour enjoyment. All vinyl, all guaranteed to be SOFT.

There'll be fun '70s's themed drinks, a full dinner menu, cool people and good times. No cover, 21+.

We're all vinyl, so if you've got requests, message them to us in advance. We'll play 'em if we got 'em.


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