A Tribute to Sharon Jones

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A Tribute to Sharon Jones

Adryon de Leon feat. Members of Orgone, Allensworth, Arise Roots, Boogaloo Assassins, Breakestra, Brainstory, Buyepongo, Ethio Cali, Jackie Mendez, The Delirians, DJ Beyonadadoubt, DJ Clifton aka Soft Touch (DJ SET), DJ Cochema Gastelum (SJ&TDK), DJ Connie Price, DJ Eric Boss, DJ Expo, DJ Joey Altruda, DJ Laroj, DJ Little Sarah, DJ Music Man Miles, DJ Soul Marcossa, Hosted By Black Shakespeare

Fri April 7, 2017

7:00 pm

The Regent Theater

Los Angeles, CA

$15.00 - $20.00

This event is 18 and over

All proceeds will be donated to:

The Lustgarten Foundation

James Brown Family Foundation

Little Kids Rock


Adryon de Leon feat. Members of Orgone
Adryon de Leon feat. Members of Orgone
Adryon de León, born and raised in the tiny artist’s village of Ojai, CA cut her teeth in a Baptist congregation. Over her formative years, musical theater infused de León’s life with the end result a unique theatrical, gritty, and soulful sound. Currently, she is a featured principal vocalist/performer for the Disneyland Resort, has performed background vocals for Macy Gray, Patti Austin, The Growlers, and George Clinton, and lends her voice to commercial studio sessions. In 2013, she joined the acclaimed Los Angeles-based soul & funk group Orgone. Orgone’s recent release, Beyond the Sun, is the group’s first featuring de León in a lead vocal and collaborative writing role.
Jamie Allensworth grew up in Garden Grove, CA but spent a lot of his childhood with his grandmother in Potrero Hill, San Fransisco. It was there, on the corner of Missouri and 20th that he first found his love for harmony. Local acapella groups would get together on the top of the hill and belt out songs by the Chi Lites, the Miracles, the Temps, and Gene Chandler. His mother Moata Masaniai sang tenor in a Samoan church choir and his stepfather played guitar and was a fire dancer for a Polynesian group called Gogosina. His father was a part-time country and western performer who introduced him to the drums at an early age. By the time he was 5 he was singing, playing spoons, and anything else he could make noise with. Deeply influenced by his family he fell in love with a wide variety of music.

Right out of high school, Jamie and his fellow classmates started a group called Natural Afrodisiac aka Nafro. Known for their diversity but definitely rooted in soul music, the band went on to win 2003 Best R&B Group, 2004 Best Live Band, and Best Jam Band at the Orange County Music Awards. They had the privilege to open for funk pioneers James Brown, Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, Maceo Parker, Roger and Zapp. They also shared the stage with musical greats such as Prince, Stevie Wonder, and George Clinton; Hip Hop acts Floetry, Medusa, Ozomatli, and Everlast; as well as Reggae greats Steel Pulse, Yellowman, and Eek a Mouse.

Shortly after Nafro disbanded in 2006, Jamie found himself in the studio preparing for a solo album. With the help from some Nafro band mates and friends, Allensworth was born. Although Allensworth is a fairly new project, the members have been performing together for over a decade. Nafro, the Rebirth, Breakestra, Soulhustlers, and Leparis Nervosa are among some of the projects each band member stems from. Allensworth strongly conveys their knowledge and importance of live music through each performance. Known to captivate and move any audience, this band thrives on showmanship through infectious rhythms, clever word play, and soulful grooves. Allensworth continues to push the musical envelope and gratify anyone within earshot.
Arise Roots
Arise Roots
Rising up from the streets of Los Angeles, Arise Roots was assembled with the common goal of bringing a unique, modern interpretation on roots-reggae without compromising the true message and feel of roots music. Founding member, Ron Montoya, was determined to recruit an all-star cast of musicians who were appreciative of 1970's style reggae and in 2010 the band was formed. After a vigorous search, Arise Roots became host to six veteran musicians who had already made a name for themselves through performing in numerous local reggae bands and backing various reggae legends coming into their area.

During their first year together, the band put out a seven song EP titled, Lay Your Guns Down. After receiving great recognition in 2013 for their debut album, Moving Forward, Arise Roots released their sophomore full-length, Love and War, nearly a year later. Produced by E.N Young (Tribal Seeds) at Imperial Sound Recording Studio, the album reached #3 on the iTunes Reggae charts and was followed up with countless shows performed along the west coast.

2015 proved to be a breakout year for Arise Roots as they embarked on two nationwide tours beginning in the springtime with New Kingston on the Kingston City Tour and making their debut on the east coast during the Summer Smokeout Tour with Tribal Seeds and The Expanders. Throughout it all, the band shined in the western region of the festival circuit making appearances at the California Roots Music and Arts Festival, Dry Diggings, Summer Meltdown, Uplift Winter Sessions, Reggae On The Mountain and the 16th annual Victoria Ska and Reggae Festival held in British Columbia, Canada.

With Montoya on drums, Rudy Covarrubias towering on bass, and Todd Johnson adding his trademark mix of keys and harmonies, the band had secured a dynamic rhythm section. Lead vocalist, Karim Israel, was then added to the group, providing his raw, soulful flow to complement his powerful lyrics. Soon after, Robert Sotelo, was added on lead guitar, providing his signature solos found throughout the band's catalog. Rhythm guitarist, Chris Brennan, completes the band's three-part harmonies and his energetic approach puts the final touch on Arise Roots' often talked about stage presence.

Throughout their time together, Arise Roots has shared the stage with an impressive list of artists ranging from reggae legends such as The Wailers, Barrington Levy, Don Carlos, Wailing Souls, The Mighty Diamonds and more, as well as top-notch acts leading the new era of American reggae like Rebelution, Iration, Slightly Stoopid and Tribal Seeds. The band has also had the opportunity to play alongside hip hop greats such as Public Enemy, The Roots and Cypress Hill. Most recently, Arise Roots has kept the momentum going into 2016 as they make their rounds performing in the Southern California area before hitting the road once again and sharing their sound with new audiences. Stay connected with the website for news and upcoming show dates!
Boogaloo Assassins
Boogaloo Assassins
The Boogaloo Assassins' mission is simple: bring la gente a funky good time, Latin-soul style. Formed in Los Angeles in 2007, the Boogaloo Assassins are the West Coast's modern answer to New York City's Latin music explosion of the late 1960s. Heavily indebted to the classic sounds of Spanish Harlem, Los Asesinos serve up their own late 1960's style salsa and "Latin Boogaloo", best described as a raucous fusion of American R&B with Cuban rhythms, sung in both English and Spanish. Perfect dance music for a Friday night, the Assassins are known throughout Los Angeles/OC for their packed, high-energy live shows.

Boogaloo Assassins long-awaited debut CD "Old Love Dies Hard" is 7 cuts of old-meets-new salsa, boogaloo, and Latin-soul. Taking inspiration from groundbreaking artists of NYC's latin music explosion of the 1960′s, "Old Love Dies Hard" reinterprets and creates classic Latin dance music perfect for today's dancefloor. Singles such as "Mi Jeva" (featured in feature film Celeste and Jesse Forever) "No No No" (a classic reimagining of the blues/reggae classic) and straight-latin-Boogaloo-meets-the-Beach-Boys romp "Do You Wanna Dance" are 3 of the disc's highlights. Sample the music here: (link to store page)

Style: Boogaloo Assassins music is inspired by Latin Boogaloo, Latin Soul, Salsa, Latin Funk, Guajira, Cha-Cha, Pachanga, Son Montuno y mucho mas.
1997 The Breaks party spawned The Breakestra & L.A.'s first raw funk band in a long, long time was born!
1998 Stones throw records caught em live & put out first thee raw funky soul single "getcho soul togetha" hailing in the neo funk movement around the globe.
2001 stones throw releases The Live mix pt.2, a true representation of their live hip hop breaks/funky soul homage show.

Breakestra soon
after makes it's live debut accross the planet including japan.Late 2005 Ubiquity records releases Miles & Wolf's first all original recording called "hit the floor" featuring the live rap track with Chali 2na, Soup & Double K recalling the first disco funk hip hop records of the late 70's.

Again Breakestra travels the planet soul travellin' & spreading the funk gospel this time going to Australia for the first time with guest vocalist hip hop soul diva Choklate helping miles out front in Wolf's place.In April of 2006 Miles' good friend & dj brother from The legendary L.A. Rootdown party, Tarek" Dj Dusk " Captan is tragically killed by a drunk driver.

Breakestra spends the rest of the year touring as well as some of 2007. back at home in late 2007, Inspired by Dusk's spirit & eternal energy Miles & Wolf begin some work on new material.following a show in LA where Wolf's unique dance is imitated by a front row of fun, funky ladies, "the lowdown stank" is born.
The "lowdown" single comes out in 2008 on Egon's Now Again stones throw imprint label.

By early 2009 & whole lot of Miles being locked in the studio building tracks one overdub at a time There's enough tracks to build an album.Eventually they partner up with Strut/k7 records to release the forth coming & second all original funk/soul/jazz panorama "Dusk till Dawn" comes out in september 2009 featuring a track with a dope Dj Dusk rhyme.

2010-2012 Breakestra tours around the world & in January Miles records a new instrumental track with Chuck Boogie on Keys called "Boogie Blessed". the single features a b side of Afrodyete's vocal version of "miss funky sole shake" released June of 2012. keep on witcha keep on...
Brainstory is a tale of brothers bounded by blood, by fate, and a small town with nothing to do. Brothers brought together by some unknown magic that would set them free to create, to sing, and to play a music of the soul. To open a window of truth in a world of auto-tuned hamburger egos. To forever be pushing long hair out of their eyes as they explore the cosmos beyond the hot, dusty, world in which they've dwelled. And what a universe it is. One part Jazz and one part Psychedelia, with a whole lotta Soul put in the middle. Add some Hendrix and Mayfield, some Bossa, and some afro-latin groove and you've got the right idea. Pure fun-love-exploration music.

Their story begins in the long lost lands of the San Bernardino Valley, in the twilight zone known as Rialto, California: A hot, arid, dusty, wasteland of boredom and dirty trash-filled empty lots, which could've only given rise to the backyard punk jams of the boy's teenage youth. Through Punk and skateboarding, brothers Kevin and Tony Martin found liberation from the monotony. But soon a hunger for more would grip the boys—for they grew up in a rich musical world far beyond that of the hardcore punk they admired. As long as they could remember, they were surrounded by their father's soulful gospel expressions as a popular lead vocalist in the church. Every Sunday was a lesson in soul bearing performance. Frequent weekend visits to Grandma's house also were important in shaping their musical destinies. As an avid Jazz and R&B fan, Grandpa Juan played the likes of Duke Ellington, Louis Jordan, Johnny Hodges, Count Basie and other 30's and 40's artists both on the turntable and on his tenor/alto sax. Swinging was the key lesson. Thus naturally, Jazz, folk, soul, and psychedelia would soon make a feast upon the brothers' souls. "Bitches Brew (the Miles Davis album) was a big one for me", says brother Tony. "All my life I had lived with a hunger for imagination and adventure. After listening to this album here was everything I craved, crafted in sound. After that first listen, I knew I wanted to be a musician." In their early years, it was normal to hear the Doors blasting out of one room and Coltrane out of another. Sometimes it was Bob Dylan and Monk butting heads. Or Mingus and Smokey. There was always an eclectic set of ideas, melodies, and sounds. College and girlfriends may have separated them for a while but the calling was always there. It just wasn't the right time. Many bands, gigs, and demo-recordings later, the final piece would be found to unite the brothers at last.

Tired of the small music scene in the IE, Tony set his sights on the San Francisco Bay area, where he honed his upright bass jazz chops for 2 ½ years. It was during this time apart that Kevin, also tired of the limited opportunities around him, had a vision. "I was so disillusioned with being a guitarist in other bands, playing the same small town gigs over and over. I knew there was something more." With the encouragement of long time friends Chicano Batman, Kevin had the idea of creating his own project. Thus, Brainstory was born.

Originally an acoustic guitar duo the band grew into a full piece outfit with the return of Tony and the addition of longtime jazz trio member Eric Hagstrom. Armed with a renewed love for the electric jazz sounds of their inspiration, the trio of destiny was now complete. The work on the new EP 'Brainstory Presents: A Natural Phantasm' began in 2012.

It is said that the eye is the window of the soul. This is eye-music. Music of the body, the mind, the spirit, and the earth. Tales of nature, ectascy, of darkness and light. Excursions in rhythm, melody, harmony; taking you to the pinnacle of the open-blue sky, and back down to the ground of the raw earth of each listener's humble beginning. Stripped down funk, jazz improvisation, and spacious vocal harmony seek to take the listener to a place of expansion, a place of dancing, liberation, and love. This is our music. This is our memorandum. This is the story of our brains.
The name Buyepongo means "to cause a ruckus"-- which is exactly what this band does on the dance floors of their Los Angeles home and beyond. The band's 'Pan-Latin' style blends hip hop, pop, funk, jazz, and tropical stylings into a vibrant menagerie that serves as a reflection of Los Angeles. The band released their debut album 'Todo Mundo' earlier this year, and have taken it around the world and onto stages with the likes of Quantic, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Antibalas, and many more. Get ready for infectious bass lines and accordion licks to get you moving!
Ethio Cali
Ethio Cali is a Los Angeles-based Ethio-Jazz ensemble, led by trumpeter, arranger, and composer Todd Simon. The ensemble's sublime sound is inspired by the golden age of Ethiopian music of the 1960's and 70's, filtered through a lens that is uniquely Los Angeles. Acknowledging the diverse musical foundations of Ethio-Jazz, the ensemble also draws inspiration from the rhythmic and melodic textures of Sudan, Somalia, Ghana, and Colombia. Ethio Cali's first EP will be released in Spring 2014.

Ethio Cali features:

Todd Simon – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Music Director
Kamasi Washington – Tenor Saxophone
Randal Fisher – Tenor Saxophone
Mark de Clive-Lowe – Keys
Alan Lightner – Steel Pan
Damon Aaron – Guitar
Pat Bailey – Bass
Steve Haney – Percussion
Te'Amir Yohannes Sweeney – Percussion
Dexter Story – Drums
Jackie Mendez
Jackie Mendez is a vocalist and musician based in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in South El Monte, a city just outside of Los Angeles, Jackie's interest in music came at an early age. She fondly remembers singing and dancing using the family karaoke machine while no one was around. With the encouragement of her father, Jackie initially took up playing the clarinet in grade school, later moving on to learning the guitar and bass. Through her high school years, Jackie began composing her own songs strongly influenced by the music she was passionate about at the time. She grew up listening to a wide range of music, but it wasn't until her introduction to Ska and Punk, mainly the British 2Tone ska revival music of the late 1970's where Jackie took the next step and started playing in bands. Initially, playing keys and singing backing vocals in her groups, Jackie soon took center stage as the front person. Her desire to learn and grow musically led her to developing a deep passion for 1960s's era Jamaican Ska and Reggae music. Singers like Alton Ellis and Ken Boothe, were now laying the foundation for her future as a singer.

With some experience under her belt, Jackie is ready to utilize her talents and put them to into action making the move to pursue a career as a solo artist. Jackie is now accompanied by an all-star band featuring a line-up of some of California's finest musicians specializing in 1960's era Jamaican music. Her high energy, vocal ability and unique style, sets the stage for Jackie to introduce herself as a solo artist to music lovers worldwide. Angel City Records is proud to present their new solo artist Jackie Mendez. Watch for her upcoming releases and shows in the coming months!
The Delirians
The Delirians
The Delirians was formed in early 2007 as part of a collaboration between various Los Angeles based musicians from various L.A. based bands. In December of 2007, they took a break to merge with brite spot to form the Brite spot collective, and ended its run with them in june of 2008. They have performed alongside bands such as The Skatalites, SeeSpot, Chris Murray Combo, The Lions and Bad Manners to name a few. The Delirians (formerly The Steadyrock Easygroove council and Brite spot collective) play a blend of reggae, ska, and funky soul to bring you a one of a kind, original yet familiar sound that is altogether fire for your heart, and ice for your soul.
DJ Clifton aka Soft Touch (DJ SET)
DJ Clifton aka Soft Touch is a resident selector at Funky Soul, a righteous get-down that packs them in every Saturday night at the Echo on L.A.'s eastside. During the week Clifton can also be heard around town at spots like the Beauty Bar and Club Underground spinning everything from Britpop to indie, to hip-hop.
DJ Expo
DJ Expo

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