The Echo, Play Like A Girl & Super Deluxe Present


Smoke Season, Sisu, Blimes Brixton, Hewan, The Bedroom Witch, Stars at Night, Twin Temple, Spare Parts For Broken Hearts, Iress, Night Talks, Vowws (DJ Set), Kera and the Lesbians (DJ Set), Super Deluxe, HONEY POWER (DJ Set), Smash Club (DJ Set)

Sat May 27, 2017

3:30 pm


Los Angeles, CA

$13.50 - $18.50

This event is all ages

A year after their first showcase at the Echo in May 2016, show-throwing feminist collective PLAG will be throwing their biggest show yet on May 27th with an all-ages, all-day, all-female- and non-binary-fronted lineup at the Echoplex to celebrate their first birthday.

PLAG Turns 1 will feature performances from Kitten, Smoke Season, Healing Crisis (Shannon F. of Light Asylum), VIAA, Sisu, Stars at Night, The Bedroom Witch, Iress, Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, and Twin Temple, and DJ sets from Vowws, Kera & the Lesbians, Honey Power, and Smash Club.  In addition to the music and comedy stages, Super Deluxe will be bringing in games, VR experiences, and interactive surprises.

‘That’s one cool chick” said Iggy Pop admiringly of Kitten’s Chloe Chaidez while the two danced together onstage to the electrifying roar of The Stooges. Many others have shared similar sentiments…

In 2010, while still unsigned, SPIN named 15 year old Chaidez and Kitten the “best new discovery” of SXSW and in 2013 Rolling Stone proclaimed Chaidez a "top ten artist to watch" with Time magazine anticipating Kitten's debut as one of the "top 11 albums to look forward to in 2013."

In 2014, after releasing a trio of highly acclaimed EP’s (Sunday School, Cut It Out and Like A Stranger), Kitten released their self titled debut full length album, produced by co writer Chad Anderson with Gavin Mackillop, which Rolling Stone hailed as a “triumph” promptly placing it in the “top 20 pop albums of 2014.”

Most recently, Kitten’s 2016 EP “Heaven Or Somewhere In Between” was included in Rolling Stones “The Best Of 2016 So Far”.

Their album’s showcase a distinctive and electrifying sound all it’s own, joining irresistible melodies and provocative lyrics with the hard edge of late 70’s post punk the driving pulse of 80’s new wave and the sweeping ambience of 90’s shoegaze.

The breadth of musical influence wasn’t an accident. A lifelong music obsessive, Chaidez learned to play bass at age ten, eventually picking up guitar and drums as well. Chaidez formed her first band that same year and was quickly opening for indie heavyweights like Midlake and Conor Oberst.

At 14, influenced by everyone from Velvet Underground, Sigur Ros and Madonna, Chaidez began throwing herself into songwriting, working intensely with her co-writer and musical partner Chad Anderson on honing her craft and then began to expand her musical palette with the discovery of electronic programming as a means of creative expression.

Chaidez says, “I found it really satisfying. Programming music in Ableton was something that I could just do in my bedroom alone or with my brother and it felt like we were creating our own world of sounds and textures.”

The following year marked the debut performance of Kitten at “The Smell”, a downtown all-ages venue and hotbed of the L.A. underground. “I walked in with my guitar and played my three songs, to an audience of about seven hardcore/emo kids,” Chaidez recalls with a laugh. “They weren’t impressed.”

Continuing to play The Smell, Kitten released Sunday School in 2010, soon nabbed their deal with Atlantic/Elektra Records, and ultimately landed tours with bands as diverse as Paramore, Garbage, Twin Shadow and Charli XCX as well as the Neighborhood, No Doubt and most recently Courtney Love.

Kitten’s live shows are at turns hypnotic and galvanizing, with Chaidez’s dance-fueled performance intensifying the transcendent power of their songs. “Being onstage puts me into this place where I’m not thinking about anything and I feel completely free. It’s just this out-of-body experience that I can’t control, and it’s one of the truest forms of expression I’ve ever known.”

The Huffington Post says that “Chaidez is at the forefront of an impending female rock revolution”, the LA Times anointed her “as sure shot to be a rock star as LA has produced” and even Carson Daly has called her “the new leading lady of rock.”

After leaving her label in the summer of 2014 Chloe embarked on a journey of self discovery which led her to NYC, ultimately living in a small artist collective known as the Silent Barn. “This was really a great time for me. Just finding out who I was outside of the music business and forming creative relationships and friendships that I will have for the rest of my life.”

It is on stage where Kitten truly shines: “What’s going to make this band different is the live show”, said Chloe. “I love being onstage more than anything. When you are up there you can do whatever you want. You can be whatever you want. If there’s one person in the back of the room not involved, then that’s my audience. I’ll do whatever I have to do to blow that person away. I want everybody in the audience to remember where they were when they saw Kitten for the first time.”

Kitten is currently recording their second full length album with a North American tour scheduled for Spring 2017.
Play Like A Girl
Play Like A Girl
PLAY LIKE A GIRL is a women-powered collective that wants to create a safe space for women* to connect, create and PROSPER.

They throw a monthly feminist showcase that celebrates some of the raddest female acts around. ALL ARE INVITED to these ALL-AGES shows.

You can also check out their PLAY LIKE A GIRL zine- about music, culture, art, politics- released once a month, the night of the show.
Smoke Season
Smoke Season
Smoke Season (n.) - A period of time defined by that which is evanescent, obscure and without result. "Until I heard the music, my heart was stuck inside a smoke season."

BuzzBands.LA - "New York City-born, UCLA-educated singer Gabrielle Wortman launched her career as rock frontwoman before segueing to the electronic project TEMP3ST. However, upon meeting fellow New Yorker Jason Rosen — the ex-keyboardist and guitarist for the pop-rockers Honor Society — things took a turn. And from the sound of their new side project Smoke Season, it probably involved some long drives in the desert. Neither the sexed-up music of Wortman's past nor the Jonas Brothers-approved pop of Rosen's, Smoke Season takes a cinematic approach to Americana on its debut EP "Signals" — woozy, dreamy and, yes, smoky. Don't forget to inhale."

Revolution360 - "When Smoke Season's Jason Rosen and Gabrielle Wortman came together, they wanted to create a sound that captured their youthful encounters in the great state of California. With their first release, Signals EP, not only does the group achieve this, but they render a listening experience unique enough to standalone in sound. Smoke Season blends psychedelic folk rock reminiscent of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, with searing electronic undertones in the vein of The XX. The result is beautiful story-telling that is musically saturated with the Old West, tumbleweeds, and a pioneering youthful spirit. Smoke Season captures the ears, minds, and hearts of listeners of all ages."

Record Speak - "The magical pairing of Jason Rosen and Gabrielle Wortman. Their voices perfectly compliment one another and their songwriting chemistry is clear right off the bat."
SISU is Sandra Vu. The LA-based singer/multi-instrumentalist layers airy, harmony-laden vocals over dreamy synthwave, which has been described as "Smithsian shoegaze" (Village Voice) and "Nightmarish Beach House" (SB Independent). She's left her post as drummer of Dum Dum Girls to focus full-time on SISU's upcoming "Hard Water" single and full length album (due out Fall of 2016). Live, SISU includes David Del Sur of Flowers of Evil on bass guitar, and Julianna Medeiros, also of Dum Dum Girls, on keyboards.

"I'm pushing myself as a producer, a writer, and a player. I've been in solitude for the last year hammering it out in pieces. I was adamant about producing because I needed to know what I was going to sound like by myself, without anyone else's influence. I put myself on an island to see what parts would survive. I did that with the songs too. When you play in other groups, you give a part of yourself and when it comes back, it's unrecognizable. I had to pick up the pieces, reexamine, shut off other voices and listen to my own
Blimes Brixton
Blimes Brixton
Hailing from the heart of San Francisco, transplanted in Los Angeles, Blimes is a rapper, singer and songwriter armed with an unmatched passion for artistry. Her musical background extends two generations, to a blues musician father and jazz musician grandfather, which adds unique depth to the her musical knowledge. Hip-Hop music and culture surrounded Blimes for as long as she remembers, and at just twelve she recognized her own affinity for lyricism and production in a beat-making and sampling course at her after school program. So far in 2015, Blimes has been making major waves and completed a 25 city European tour with fellow female heavy-hitter Gavlyn. She also clenched the number one slot on Snoop Dogg's Underground Heat for her short-film style music video for BASSFACE at the top of the year. Blimes is currently working in the studio with rising star Lou Koo and promises a full length album with very renovated vibes is on the way, but for now check out her latest mixtape MNFSTO (2014).
The Bedroom Witch
Stars at Night
Stars at Night
Since their formation in 2008 East LA's hard-experimental Rock trio Stars at Night have become a tour de force of sound and style in LA's underground scene. With influences that range from Pink Floyd to Bikini Kill to Madonna, this bands sound is an amalgamation of raw force and elegant artistry.

Lead singer and keyboardist Irene Quiles is anything but reserved when performing. Her powerful voice and disarming lyrics can deliver you to a state of euphoria or push you into frenzied excitement. No less is the seemingly inexhaustible energy of drummer Joana Rubio. Creating the ground shaking heartbeat of each song, Joana pumps each song to life with shear power, talent, and presence. Rounding out these three bright stars is guitarist Seleste Diaz. Behind the subdued stage presence is the sharpness and vision of a brilliant musician who seems to weave together hair-raising, hip-gyrating riffs and melodies as if from the ether. It is the authentic [visual and auditory] beauty of Stars At Night that will propel them to stellar heights.

Stars At Night's trajectory has caught the attention of both underground and popular music groups. Note worthy groups such as Good Charlotte, The Ataris, The Memorials, Alison Wolfe of Bratmobile, Vampiro of Jaguares, and most recently Kitten have all invited Stars At Night to perform as part of their shows' opening line-up. Stars At Night'slive performances captivate audiences and make believers out of skeptics. They are a trinity of awesome, jagged-edged rock.
Twin Temple
Twin Temple
Twin Temple is a Satanic Doo-Wop Band.

“Like the Marvelettes if that group had pined after the blessings of Baphomet instead of the boy next door…Twin Temple is a heterodox generation of new self-described Satanists…upending old Rosemary’s Baby and Helter Skelter stereotypes in service of radical politics, feminist aesthetics and community unity.“

“This is music for turning the lights down low, sipping an old fashioned from a brass goblet, burning a bit of incense and slowly slinking around the living room in your best black lace gown.”

“Draped in a black veil, human skull in hand, you’d think this murder-bluesy queen’s consort was Beelzebub himself. Squares in the 50’s would’ve lost their minds over the suggestion of Satanic Doo-Wop, but these days it’s practically a necessity.”

"Twin Temple live is a full-on, 7 piece blues and macabre ’60s girl group-style showcase the likes of which could position Twin Temple among the best bands Los Angeles has to offer...the band’s [commited] to putting on a live show that doubles as a ritual in service to Lucifer himself. That’s right, folks – Satan isn’t just for the metalheads anymore."
Spare Parts For Broken Hearts
With driving bass lines, chunky guitars & raw colossal vocal angst "Spare Parts for Broken Hearts" (SP/BH) create an emotionally-charged experience with their music.

Inspired by grunge, rock gods, and powerful post-punk, the Long Beach band have thrived on a dark, melodic sound since forming in a Downtown L.A. rehearsal space in 2010. Meaningful songwriting, '90s influenced grunge rock, dream pop and raw riffs, played with authenticity and passion have since made the band a local favorite with fans in Orange County and Long Beach.

The trio comprises Sg on lead vox, guitar & bass, alternating guitar & bass with vocalist Laurita Guaico, and Mikey Vallejo on drums.

Sg & Laurita first met whilst playing in "Relish" an established all-girl, psychedelic pop/rock band signed to Volcom Entertainment. When Relish disbanded in 2001 both Laurita and Sg went on to work on new projects until they reconnected on the "Vans Warped Tour" in 2008. When both of these projects disbanded in 2010, Sg contacted Laurita to join her in her vision for SP/BH.

They began recording and in May 2011 the band released a debut record, the self-titled "Spare Parts for Broken Hearts" EP which received widespread support from local media. Between 2011 & 2014 the band focused on touring & building a fanbase, playing all over Southern California, including several live dates as part of the "Vans' Warped Tour" in 2011 & 2013. In February 2014 they released their follow up material, the "I Love You" EP.

Having built a strong local following, at the start of 2015 it was time to round-out the current line up by adding drummer Mikey Vallejo. The band released a video for "Say When" on Valentines Day, followed by a new EP titled "I Love You II" in July. In November 2015 the trio was voted "Best Indie band of 2015" in the "OC Weekly's Reader's Choice Awards".

Show highlights have included opening a sold out show for "Lit" at The House of Blues Anaheim, playing the "Women Fuck Shit up Fest" in February 2016 with Colleen Green & Upset (Patty Schemel of Hole), rocking The Madhaus with "The Dollyrots", and a sold out show with "Girl In a Coma" @ Alex's Bar, Long Beach.

The band went in to the studio in July with Los Angeles Producer Doug Boehm (Girls, Tokyo Police Club, Booker T Jones & Drive-By Truckers) and recorded new single "Pleasure Delay", out this fall.

The release will be supported by several live shows in the LA & Southern California area, including a well-earned slot at the "Music Tastes Good" Festival in Downtown Long Beach on September 23-25, presented by 89.9 KCRW.
Kera and the Lesbians (DJ Set)
Kera and the Lesbians (DJ Set)
Kera and the Lesbians, hailing from San Diego and currently residing in Los Angeles, lovingly refer to their musical style as 'bipolar folk'. Bipolar in the sense that in one song drummer Michael will pound his drums, expelling his demons with sheer force, while Kera croons and screams and serenades, enchanting all within earshot. Eamon's guitar playing is reminiscent of sleepy desert afternoons, spent on porches accompanied by the smell of leather and aging wood, while Phil's bass lines get the crowd moving and grooving. Brandon's use of brass is at once warm and rounded, but so tactfully manipulated that it inevitably raises goosebumps. The lyrics more literally embody the band's polarity, telling tales of anxiety, friendship, insanity and ill-fated love, from Kera's very unique point of view.

This is a band to see live. Kera's passion is tangible, at times bringing the crowd to tears, but most consistently keeping a dancing crowd completely enraptured, hanging onto every word her very expressive being has to sing. She brings heaps of charm to the set, with her joking between songs and her Elvis-like dance moves, it's obvious that she and the whole band live for this. Their range has allowed them to perform with a diverse list of acts including Devendra Banhart, Best Coast, and Crystal Castles.
The band has a definite DIY work ethic, having self released two EPs, and a debut coming out early 2014. They also do their own booking and artwork internally. Their newest single 'NAILBITER' is a manic blues track covering one of Kera's most aggravating habits and instilling in the listener a mounting feeling of tension that it mercifully relieves, while still giving a taste of the madness of obsession.
Super Deluxe

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