Coma Girls

Spaceland Presents

Coma Girls

Sat February 24, 2018

9:00 pm

The Love Song

Los Angeles, CA


This event is 21 and over

Coma Girls
Coma Girls
Coma Girls‘ self-titled debut album arrived just in time for summer, harkening back to a time when well- dressed bands with actual instruments ruled pop radio and soundtracked clambakes and barbecues. This is music made by kids who may have grown up on Weezer and Nirvana but then dug into their parents’ old records and fell in love with The Four Seasons, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys.

Chris Spino’s silver-laced hooks and melodies drive each song in tandem with fuzzy guitars and jangly clean rhythm, while the keys and organs hold court and lend a virtuosic and vintage sound to these otherwise straightforward pop songs. The rhythm section rounded out by the tight drums and straight up bass playing cut through the melodies to give each composition a sense of urgency and completion. Spino’s lovelorn lyrics are the perfect bridge between the saccharine lines of 50’s & 60’s pop songs that might’ve been played at a themed school dance, and the so-called “indie rock” songs of the early aughts, when esoteric rambling was the art du jour. The result is a bullshit-free lesson in pop songwriting. These are songs that stay in your head long after the record is finished, from the catchy hooks to the memorable codas that watermark each song. - Bear Kids Recordings

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