Hush Empire

Spaceland Presents

Hush Empire

Nadia Lanfranconi, Rodney Thurman, The Gatsby Affair

Sat February 10, 2018

9:00 pm

The Love Song

Los Angeles, CA


This event is 21 and over

Hush Empire
Hush Empire
New music driven by the modern development of popular culture, while remaining marinated by the roots of which it has been inspired.
Nadia Lanfranconi
Nadia Lanfranconi
Nadia Lanfranconi, singer-songwriter born and raised in Lake Como, Italy, now living in Los Angeles CA.
An Italian that plays americana/country music...wait, what?
You heard right.
" Music works in mysterious ways.." and somehow made it all the way to a small town in the Alps
masked as Rock 'n' Roll first, Punk and then Country.
Self taught guitar player and drummer, don't get fooled by the tomboy attitude with no filter,
behind it all, there's a sweet emotional vocal and a lot of heart who was influenced by artists like
Sheryl Crow and Ryan Adams.
Other than music she's an active painter mostly utilizing acrylics on canvas and mosaic on mirror.
Rodney Thurman
Rodney Thurman
Rodney Thurman is changing the image of pop country music.

With his projects, "A Cause to Rise", and "West", Rodney mightily brought to light his talents of songwriting and musicianship for both fans and music professionals.

Now, after self-producing his new energy-driven single "Gravity", Rodney sets his crosshairs straight towards pop country charts.

Rodney adds, “For this new album, I’m taking it back to the beginning... Just me in a room with my instruments playing whatever my heart tells me. I wanted to focus on being the truest form of myself. I feel that energy is going to leap out of the speakers and its going to resonate."

There is no doubt Rodney stands unique in country music. His differences push the envelope of what country is and can be. It's a strength that is sure to sway fans to country music that may not have given it a chance before.
The Gatsby Affair
The Gatsby Affair
Oh what to say about the newest Los Angeles pop rock sensation, The Gatsby Affair? Let's just say, if you ever have moments where you get those uplifting nostalgic feels from 90's and 2000's pop alternative rock, then this is, without a doubt, the band you’ve been looking for!

From comparisons of bands such as Acceptance, Cartel, Gin Blossoms, Goo Goo Dolls and Third Eye Blind, you'll agree The Gatsby Affair have the potential to be a major part of the next modern alternative pop and rock movement.

Through years of hardships and heart ache, each individual band member has experienced not just their own unfortunate tragedies but also the blessings that life has offered in each of their own unique journey thus far. From the loss of loved ones, betrayal, and heart break, the emotion is undeniably portrayed in perfect harmony, creating The Gatsby Affair. They're obviously not just another local rock act yet, in fact, they share some very bold and respectable traits: Musicianship, dedication, experience, and the love of the art, to name a few. With the return of two original bandmates and a couple more incredibly talented members on the way, The Gatsby Affair plan to take 2017 by storm!

Ron Beem – Frontman vocalist/rhythm guitar

Bryan Evans Gill IV – Lead guitar/backup vocals

Jimmy Schlachter – Drums/backup vocals

Their progress, thus far, has consisted of a 6 song self-titled EP release in February 2015, a publishing deal with LA's Red Queen Music, and an intro song placement for the very contagious "Speechless" for LA Talk Radio's "Modern Male Radio". They also received a 3 song placement consisting of "Take Me Away", "Daydream" and "Speechless" for the teen comedy film “All American Bikini Carwash”, a band feature for @prettyattitudeshop female Rock 'n' Roll attire fashion shoot in Los Angeles, and two recently shot music videos! For one, a much more upbeat and “punchier” revised version of "Everbody Else", followed by an outdoor acoustic rendition of the new pop-country single, "Take You With Me", all filmed on stage at the historic Globe Theater, as well as the sidewalks of Broadway in downtown Los Angeles.

Be sure to follow all their social media for updates regarding new music, upcoming shows and much more! Stay tuned.

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