n3xt con 2018 Tech & Entertainment Conference for Visionaries & Entrepreneurs

Spaceland Presents

n3xt con 2018 Tech & Entertainment Conference for Visionaries & Entrepreneurs

Sat June 16, 2018 - Sun June 17, 2018

Doors: 9:00 am / Show: 10:00 am

The Regent Theater

Los Angeles, CA

$40.00 - $60.00

This event is all ages


■      Matt Kahn (Chair Economics Dept. at USC)

■      Gaurav Sant (Director at Carbon Upcycling UCLA)

■      Shao-Hua Wu (Co-Founder & CEO of n3xt con)

■      Jeanette B. Milio (President of Alliance Cinema)

■      William Wang (Founder & CEO of Vizio)

■      Livi Zheng (Indonesian film director)

■      Roxy Shih (Taiwanese American film director)

■      Stephen Stokols (Co-Founder & CEO of FreedomPop)

■      Lidia Yan (Co-Founder & CEO of NEXT Trucking)

■      James Jack (Co-Founder & CINO of human-IT)

■      Sean Hernandez (Energy Economist)

& More

n3xt con
n3xt con
n3xt con 2018 brings together bright minds and visionaries to share ideas of innovation. Featuring a variety of themes including Humancentric Technology, Omnipresence of Storytelling, Frontier of Imagination. Talk topics range from blockchain, brain-computer interface, AI, interactive media, to film production.
The conference provides an opportunity for attendees to get fresh perspective from industry leaders and futurists. Come, listen, get inspired and establish the network that may help you forge the path you have yet to discover.

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