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    The Love Song BarLos AngelesCA

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    Spaceland Halloween 2019

    Hall-O-Ween Party: Playing Boogie, Modern Funk and Soul All Night Party down for Halloween – early – with XL and crew at The Love Song Bar with I, Ced, Moniquea, Spence, Tremaine, and XL Middleton. When: Friday, October 18th @ 10pm Where:  The Love Song Bar FREE! 16 mm screening of Tobe Hooper’s THE FUNHOUSE Among the sub-genres of horror, which include horror sci-fi, horror comedy, epic horror, etc-there’s a particular “go for the throat” super simple lizard brain kind of horror that, when done well, is as thrilling, stunning, effective, and masterful as anything you’ll ever see. Tobe Hooper, coming off


    October Residency: Healing Gems

    We are excited to welcome Healing Gems as our October residency artist at The Echo! Enter the world of Healing Gems A space-age, exotic-psych, Latin-infused six-piece whose sound, although inspired and influenced by the past, is very much embedded in the here and now. Their delicate blend of Latin, jazz and tropicalia pivots around bossa nova beats and fanciful free-flowing melodies offering songs of sunshine and merriment. A 6-piece mini-orchestra consisting of Edgar, Trish, Eduardo, Jared, Michael, and Xochi, Healing Gems are a psychedelic band, but not in the yoga posing, incense burning, sanctimonious kind of way. They’re a drink of LSD-tainted

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    Drahla Have Shared Their Cover of Psychic TV’s “Godstar”

    Leeds-based post-punk outfit Drahla have released their respectful, chiming and excellent cover of the great Psychic TV’s “Godstar.” “Go inwards and be bold.” This was Harmony Korine’s advice to aspiring creatives, during a Q&A at the British Film Institute back in early 2016. For the recently-formed Drahla, his words served as something of a directive, encouraging the trio to trust their own instincts, however far removed they might be from those of their peers. Three years on, they have defined their own vital subset of art-rock with Useless Coordinates, a debut album that’s as fearless as it is enthralling. Released earlier


    Bauhaus Announces Third Palladium Show (Dec 1)

    BAUHAUS ADD THIRD PALLADIUM SHOW Bauhaus‪ (Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, David J) ‬will play a third show on ‪DECEMBER 1 at the Hollywood Palladium due to record sellouts of the November shows.‬ Tickets on sale ‪Saturday, Sept. 21 at 10am PST‬. Get them here.


    Epica announce the release of “Design Your Universe” – Gold Edition

    Dutch Metal outfit Epica are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their album Design Your Universe. To mark this special occasion, they’ll be re-releasing the fan-favorite album as a Gold Edition on October 4, 2019. This edition will contain the album remixed and remastered by chart-hitting producer Joost van den Broek with updated artwork and a 2nd disc containing newly-recorded acoustic versions of songs. Design Your Universe is an album that is very dear to me not only because of the music, but also because of the message behind it. I am looking forward to the anniversary release and all the upcoming shows. The bonus CD is