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    WATCH: Dan Deacon’s NEW Single “Sat By A Tree”

    With the release of music experimentalist Dan Deacon’s latest single “Sat By A Tree”, we are now highly anticipating the release of the rest of his album Mystic Familiar. The music video to the upbeat single follows the story of life, in only a single scene. Watching the video in fast-motion, the viewer watches as a still body (still alive, not yet a corpse) decomposes on a bed of dirt… and a bed of flesh-eating beetles and maggots. The morbid decomposition of this character accompanied by the eclectic sounds of “Sat By A Tree” is a fascinating combination. It’s not so much


    November Residency: Crook

    We are excited to welcome Crook as our November residency artist at The Echo! MEET CROOK  Crook is the emotive and delicate musical project of now Los Angeles based Daniel Crook. Crook’s upbringing in what he describes as the “small, conservative, rich town” located in the North Bay, has allowed them to create music that takes from feelings of isolation or self-doubt, and mold them into works that are relatable and expressive. Inspired by artists such as James Blake, Florence Welch, and Nina Simone, Crook provides us with “cinematic pop for widespread ears” (Bronson, Kevin). Crook pushes the pop music boundaries by


    Common Holly Drops Video for New Track “Crazy Ok”

    Montreal-based Common Holly has released her ethereal video for the experimental track “Crazy Ok” from her latest album When I say to you Black Lightning.  Born in New York but moved to Montreal, Canada, Common Holly (Brigitte Naggar) creates music that teaches us to confront the pain and fear that accompanies life. Her music transcends feelings of isolation and allows us to sit with our feelings and learn from them. Her sophomore album, When I say to you Black Lightning, is coated with moments of etherealness that is also met by sudden doses of dissonance. Naggar pushes the experimental music genre by creating sounds that aren’t


    Spaceland Halloween 2019

    Hall-O-Ween Party: Playing Boogie, Modern Funk and Soul All Night Party down for Halloween – early – with XL and crew at The Love Song Bar with I, Ced, Moniquea, Spence, Tremaine, and XL Middleton. When: Friday, October 18th @ 10pm Where:  The Love Song Bar FREE! 16 mm screening of Tobe Hooper’s THE FUNHOUSE Among the sub-genres of horror, which include horror sci-fi, horror comedy, epic horror, etc-there’s a particular “go for the throat” super simple lizard brain kind of horror that, when done well, is as thrilling, stunning, effective, and masterful as anything you’ll ever see. Tobe Hooper, coming off


    October Residency: Healing Gems

    We are excited to welcome Healing Gems as our October residency artist at The Echo! Enter the world of Healing Gems A space-age, exotic-psych, Latin-infused six-piece whose sound, although inspired and influenced by the past, is very much embedded in the here and now. Their delicate blend of Latin, jazz and tropicalia pivots around bossa nova beats and fanciful free-flowing melodies offering songs of sunshine and merriment. A 6-piece mini-orchestra consisting of Edgar, Trish, Eduardo, Jared, Michael, and Xochi, Healing Gems are a psychedelic band, but not in the yoga posing, incense burning, sanctimonious kind of way. They’re a drink of LSD-tainted